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We are currently closed for submissions.

Please check back soon!

for the curious:

We seek the spattered syllables and the dispersed experiments.

In other words, we want to see words and punctuations shuffled and thrown onto paper;

wordless political statements and shapeless love letters; cluttered visuals and misplaced colours, the out-of-order and the out-of-letter; the overshaped and the shapeless; graphemes that aren't words and words that aren't sentences.


! ! ! ! ! !

Art is political, and so are we.
We refuse to publish work that is harmful and that does not sit right with our views.

Human decency should not have to be supplicated and we optimistically chose to believe that you do not need a list of what is right or wrong for guidance.

Be that as it may, if any doubt persists regarding what we may deem hurtful and thus won't be willing to publish, please contact us.

! ! ! ! ! !

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